37215 bogie work completed

In early March, 37215 was finally re-united with its overhauled bogies and tyre-turned wheel sets. The loco was lifted in May last year and since then has languished out of use on temporary accommodation bogies whilst the bogies removed received attention.

Following the lift of 215 the bogies were brought into the shed for assessment.

We immediately jacked the bolsters on both bogies to gain access to the top securing bolt on each damper to allow the old dampers to be removed. New dampers were fitted (4 per bogie). Only the top securing bolt is fitted at this stage, the bottom bolt will be fitted once the loco weight is back on the bogies. At the same time the old No 2, 3, 4 and 5 traction motor bellows were renewed.

The bolsters were then lowered back on to the bogie frame. We then moved bogies over a pit to secure the lateral control rods on both bogies.

Other work carried out included: 

  • Removal of the old worn carbon brushes,
  • greasing of grease points,
  • lubrication to brake piston arms and return spring mechanism on each brake cylinder,
  • renewal of a cracked brush arm insulator,
  • replacement of a missing bolt on top safety bracket, 
  • attending to a small section of loose banding on the armature of a traction motor,
  • cleaning the commutator and brush gear with approved solvents,
  • checking motors with an insulation tester (megger),
  • removal of loose debris and a build-up of dirt on the top of the bogies.

Following extensive examination of the condition of the wheels and tyres it was decided to have them tyre turned at Leeds Midland Road Freightliner depot. The tyres were only a few mm above scrap size, however due to the number of pits we took decision to turn the tyres which has restored them to full profile and removed a lot of the pitting.

Once returned to Toddington the task of fitting new carbon brushes to each motor was undertaken.

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