Technical details – D6948

This is the definitive technical reference for D6948. Everything you need to know!
Running number10/1964-10/1968, 2016-presentD6948
UIC number/EVN92 70 0037 248 5
Previous running numbers10/1968-04/19746948
Gauge1435mm (4ft 8.5in)
UIC axle arrangementCo’Co’
Design code37-0gx (DE3003/5 to 06/05/1973)
LengthOver buffers18.745m
Total wheel base15.443m
Bogie centres11.328m
WeightIn working order107.345t (105tons 13cwt)
Empty100.234t (98 tons 13 cwt)
EngineMake & typeEnglish Electric 12CSVT
No.of cyls & cycle12 four stroke
Max rated output1305kW (1750hp)
Main generatorMake & typeEnglish Electric type 822/IOG
Traction motorsMake & typeEnglish Electric EE538/A
Type of suspensionNose
Type of gear driveSingle reduction
PerformanceMax tractive effort246.876kN (55500lbf) at 23.5% adhesion at 2600 amps main generator
Continuous tractive effort155.69kN (35000lbf) at 22km/h at 1800 amps main generator
Power at rail at continuous rating932kW (1250hp)
Full engine outputAvailable between 16 & 121km/h
BrakingFor locomotiveStraight air & auto air
For trainAuto air & auto continuous vacuum
Brake force80.1% of weight in full working order
SpeedVmax145km/h (90mph)
Route availabilityBlue (WR)
5 (BR standard)
Multiple working coupling symbolBlue star
Minimum radius curvesHorizontal without gauge widening80m (4 chains)
Horizontal with 19mm (0.75in) gauge widening76m (3.8 chains)
Vertical convex161m (8 chains)
Vertical concave161m (8 chains)
Train heating equipmentSteam generator make & typeClayton RO2500 MkII
Steaming capacity1134kg/hour (2500lb/hour)
Tank capacityWater3637 litres (800 gallons)
Engine/boiler fuel4046 litres (890 gallons)

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