37248 in BR service

D6948 entered service from the new diesel depot at Cardiff Canton on 30th October 1964, and along with the other EE Type 3s allocated there, spent a large amount of time hauling coal trains up and down the South Wales valley lines plus other freight trains a little further afield. Just like D6915 was to, D6948 was also sent north to West Yorkshire arriving at Wakefield shed in August 1967 before joining D6915 on the opening of the new Healey Mills depot in December of that year. Unlike D6915, it didn't stay too long in Yorkshire, for in January 1972 it moved back to Cardiff Canton where it stayed for the next 20 years, becoming part and parcel of the South Wales railway scene. Allocated to the Trainload Freight Metals sector in 1988, it became surplus to requirements and was transferred to Tinsley depot, Sheffield in August 1992 for storage being further moved to Doncaster Belmont yard in October 1992 and Cardiff Canton in August 1994. By now, three 'shadow' freight companies had been formed by BR as part of the privatisation process and 37248 was one of those assets allocated to Mainline Freight at the end of 1994. This was beneficial, as Mainline needed everything it had been given and 37248 was reinstated to traffic at Cardiff in anticipation in November 1994, being formally allocated to Mainline's central depot at Toton, Nottinghamshire on 1st January 1995. A repaint into the company's striking aircraft blue livery soon followed and it was named 'Midland Railway Centre' on the 14th October that year at an event held during the MRC's gala weekend. Following a successful bid for all 3 trainload freight companies by US railroad Wisconsin Central,  English Welsh and Scottish Railways (EWS) was formed in February 1996 and took over all Mainline's locomotive assets. 37248 continued to be based at Toton but was then allocated to EWS's Old Oak Common depot in West London in November 2000 meaning more work in London and the South East which included a number of appearances at the head of the prestigious VSOE Orient Express between Victoria and Folkestone. The locomotive was eventually deemed as surplus to requirements and re-allocated to Crewe depot in September 2003 and eventual storage in November of that year after 7 years in EWS ownership, managing to maintain its Mainline blue livery throughout. The loco was subsequently moved to Margam depot in South Wales for further storage from where it was privately purchased in September 2005 and moved to West Coast Railways Limited at Carnforth for the next chapter of its colourful life.
30/10/1964Delivered new to Cardiff Canton depot (86A)
01/11/1964Observed at Doncaster Works
14/01/1965Down light engine through Cardiff General
02/05/1965Stabled on Cardiff Canton
08/08/1965Stabled on Ebbw Jn (86B)
10/08/1965Stabled on Canton (86A)
11/08/19650T00 Light Engine through Cardiff Gen
Aug-67Transferred to Healey Mills
03/08/19687N64 through Rose Grove
02/01/1972Transferred to Cardiff Canton
Apr-74Renumbered to 37 248
29/07/19761600 Crewe - Cardiff
16/10/19761205 Cardiff - Treherbert
29/01/1978Stabled on Ebbw Jn (EB)
Mar-79Twin Tanks Fitted
01/03/1980Wales v Scotland Rugby International trains to Cardiff
21/11/19801B02 2125 Swansea - Bristol TM
21/05/19811350 Cardiff - Weston
21/05/19811550 Weston - Swansea
21/05/19812C77 1938 Swansea - Cardiff
28/07/19810Z00 Bromsgrove - Worcester
28/07/19810Z00 Worcester - Cardiff
28/04/1982Arrived on works for Dual Brake fitting
May-82Working a weed killing train @ Llangynwyd on the Maesteg Branch
11/08/1982Last Classified Repair
11/08/1982Left works after Dual Brake fitting
25/04/19842C06 0737 Cardiff - Milford Between Swansea - Carmarthen
25/04/19842C67 1117 Milford - Swansea Between Carmarthen - Swansea
02/06/19841S19 2124 Bristol TM - Glasgow C Between Worcester SH - Birmingham NS piloting ?
14/07/19841Z27 0500 Cardiff - Cleethorpes Between Sheffield - Cleethorpes With 37249 (37903)
14/07/19841Z27 1400 Cleethorpes - Cardiff Between Cleethorpes - Sheffield With 37249 (37903)
12/12/19841S19 2124 Bristol - Glasgow Lickey Banker
06/02/19861S19 2124 Bristol TM - Glasgow C Between Abbotswood - Birmingham NS With 37206 (37906)
05/07/19861J20 0730 Euston - Pwllheli Between Shrewsbury - Pwllheli With 37430
05/07/19862J26 1530 Pwllheli - Porthmadog With 37430
05/07/19861A85 1708 Porthmadog - Euston Between Porthmadog - Shrewsbury With 37430
07/07/19861V01 0042 Manchester P - Cardiff Between Crewe - Cardiff With 37430
16/11/1988Rceived E Exam at Cardiff Canton
01/01/1989Allocated to FPLW - Freight Petroleum & Chemicals South Wales Pool
14/02/19891F55 1300 Oxford - Paddington Between Didicot - Reading With 37221
27/06/19892200 Paddington - Plymouth Between Exeter SD - Plymouth
07/04/1991Allocated to FMAK - Freight Metals Cardiff Pool
05/05/19911Z15 1035 Newport - Hereford With 37220
05/05/19911Z33 1700 Hereford - Abergaveny
16/08/1992Transferred to Tinsley, Allocated to MDTT - Railfreight Distribution Tinsley Unrefurbished Class 37 Locos (Extended Range)
09/10/1992Stored Unserviceable, Allocated to MDYX - Distribution Stored Locos
12/12/1993Allocated to FQXA - Trainload Freight Unallocated
20/03/1994Allocated to LNXX - Trainload Freight West - Stored Locos
25/04/1994Returned to Traffic at Cardiff Canton
27/04/1994Stored Unserviceable
11/11/1994Returned to Traffic at Cardiff Canton
29/01/1995Transferred to Toton, Allocated to ENTN - Mainline - TO Class 31/37 (Infrastructure North)
05/03/1995Allocated to EWCN - Mainline - TO Class 37 (GW Infrastructure)
14/10/1995Named "Midland Railway Centre" at Midland Railway Centre
14/10/19951045 Butterley - Riddings Jcn
14/10/19951103 Riddings Jcn - Hammersmith
14/10/19951155 Hammersmith - Riddings Jcn
14/10/19951213 Riddings Jcn - Hammersmith
15/10/1995Midland Railway Centre Autumn Gala
30/09/1996Allocated to ENTN - Mainline - TO Class 31/37 (Infrastructure North)
31/03/19971Z37 Pathfinder Tours's The Scarborough Maid tour Between Reading - Scarbourgh With 37332
31/03/19971Z37 Pathfinder Tours's The Scarborough Maid tour Between York - Reading With 37332
28/10/19971F98 2000 Birmingham NS - Derby Between Birmingham NS - MP 28.75
17/01/1998Hertfordshire's The East Coast Diversioner tour from Kings Cross - York Via Lincoln With 37057
17/01/1998Hertfordshire's The East Coast Diversioner tour from York - Kings Cross With 37057
27/11/1998Allocated to WKBN - EWS Toton Class 37/0 & 37/3 Systemwide
07/02/19991103 VSOE Charter Between London Victoria - Aldershot
07/02/19991503 VSOE Charter Between London Victoria - Aldershot
13/05/19991H98 Aviemore - Boat of Garten
17/11/2000Transferred to Old Oak Common, Allocated to WKAC - EWS Class 37 Old Oak Common - Anglian & South
04/03/20011V97 1815 Manchester - Paddington Between Birmingham NS - Paddington
07/09/2001Transferred to Motherwell, Allocated to WKAM - EWS Class 37 Motherwell - Non RETB fitted
18/12/2001Transferred to Old Oak Common, Allocated to WKAC - EWS Class 37 Old Oak Common - Anglian & South
05/06/20021Y96 1100 Waterloo - Salisbury
05/06/20021Y97 1719 Salisbury - Waterloo
13/07/20021Z92 0827 Finsbury Park - Spalding Between Newark North Gate - Spalding
13/07/20021Z37 1310 Spalding - Finsbury Park Between Spalding - Peterborough West Yard
10/10/20021Y44 Folkstone - Victoria
14/11/20021Y46 1121 Victoria - Folkestone
07/12/20021Z37 0646 Swindon - Lincoln With 37375
07/12/20021Z38 1727 Lincoln - Swindon With 37375
22/03/20031Z51 0632 Milton Keynes - Aberystwyth Between Milton Keynes - Bescot With 37372
22/03/20031Z53 1620 Aberystwyth - Milton Keynes Between Bescot - Milton Keynes With 37372
10/04/2003TOPS Engine hours 7294
10/04/20031Y46 1121 Victoria - Folkestone West
24/09/2003Transferred to Crewe Diesel, Allocated to WKAD - EWS Class 37 Crewe Diesel - Midlands & North West
12/12/2003Transferred to Headquarters, Allocated to WNTR - EWS Tactical Reserve
29/07/2005Allocated to WNZX - EWS - Locomotives for disposal
20/09/2005Sold to West Coast Railway Company Limited - Allocated to WNSO - EWS locomotives Sold, Awaiting Collection

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