37215 features in successful Christmas gala at the GWR

37215 played a leading role in the GWR's 'Christmas Cracker' gala on the 29th and 30th December covering 72 miles over the two days between Laverton and Cheltenham Racecourse. This year's Christmas Diesel Day had been replaced by a two day mixed traction event featuring both steam and diesel, due to the lack of steam heat fitted diesels. This was the first time a mixed traction gala has been held on the GWR and was an undoubted success, with many passengers commenting on the relaxed nature of the event and the toasting warm trains in the middle of winter. 37215 covered 55 miles on the front with the added bonus of some extra weight at the back when top and tailing with a steam locomotive giving some extra 'thrash' from the front!

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