Project D6948 update – 1st March 2013

With the onset of the cold weather, progress has slowed somewhat due to the inclement travelling and working conditions. Nonetheless progress continues and is expected to speed up again as Spring arrives - what follows is a summary of the last few months and the current state of play. As ever, we really do need more volunteers to help both with this project and the ongoing maintenance of 37215. If you can help please get in touch! Interior Both cabs have now been stripped, needle gunned, sanded, primed and now top coated in gloss. The no.2 end cubicle has also been similarly treated and is now resplendent in grey gloss both in the engine room and cab sides. The cubicle doors have been repainted in grey gloss to match both engine room and cab side. Meanwhile, all glass has been removed and the window surrounds needle gunned and primed externally ready for refitting of glass and new rubbers. A good deal of work in the engine room has been associated with the installation of the new steam heat generator which resulted in the refurbishment of that area. The radiator tunnels between the engine room and no.1 cab have also been refurbished at both sides removing a lot of corrosion, priming and repainting. Back in the cabs, new ceiling panels have been made and refitted. All internal and external doors have been removed, needle gunned back to bare metal and re-sprayed ready for re-fitting. Remaining work comprises refitting cab fittings, gauges and electrical connections and some further internal panelling. Nose hatches have been stripped and await re-spraying. External Both nose ends have been needle gunned and have had all paint removed back to the cab doors. Buffer beam skirts have been fitted at both ends and just wait some final finishing touches. Also in the buffer beam area, various air pipes have been relocated to allow the skirts to be fitted, and new fittings made. This includes the installation of new steam heat connections at both ends. The various body side grilles have been needle gunned and work continues on doing the same for the sandboxes and hand holds. The two big remaining jobs externally are the installation of new internal steam pipework linking each buffer beam connection to the steam heat generator, and the ongoing needle gunning and sanding of the body sides and roof  to remove the existing paint work (including the removal of old body filler). The process of preparing the body and repainting can then begin once all the other jobs have been completed. 20130117_123316 20130131_162150 Finally a new set of batteries and repairs to the timing chain plus a hots of other smaller jobs should see D6948 operational once more.....!

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