Growler Group 2019 AGM

This year's AGM took place on the 3rd March 2019 in the Terry Cresswell Building at Winchcombe Station. As well as a satisfactory review of the Group's finances from Treasurer, Kev Jarvis, and reports from the Technical Officer, Paul Good, on what has happened to 37215 and D6948 during the past 12 months, a new Constitution for the Group was discussed and agreed by the required quorum at the meeting.

The new Constitution was seen as essential in order to reflect and keep pace with the many changes to legislation over the years since the Group was founded and the original constitution put in place. It uses the model constitution produced and recommended for use by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and as such, offers maximum protection for members, the trustees (the committee), our finances and the locomotives. The newly adopted Constitution can be downloaded here.

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