D6948 in use between Christmas and New Year 2017

D6948 (providing steam heat) will be working scheduled services on the GWR on 26th December and 1st January when it will work the 15:55 Toddington-Cheltenham Racecourse and 16:40 return. It is also booked to work the following trains during the GWR's annual Christmas Cracker event on the 29th and 30th December: 1C10 10:00 Toddington-Cheltenham Racecourse (piloting steam locomotive 7820 on 29th and 7903 on the 30th) 2L19 11:30 Cheltenham Racecourse-Buckland 2L39 15:40 Cheltenham Racecourse-Buckland Click on the link above for full details including timetable. Please come and support winter diesel running on the GWR.

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