37215 and D6948 update

37215 has now been stopped for some much needed maintenance after a reliable season working all its diagrammed trains on the GWR without fuss, whilst the attention has been on its shiny new sibling D6948. The loco will remain out of service until April to enable a list of jobs to be carried out. D6948, as might be imagined, has list of 'snagging' jobs to be done following its successful return to service, of which 3 are high priority: Resealing the window rubbers to prevent water ingress, installation of a pre-heater to avoid cold starts, and some work on the steam generator to cure its smoky exhaust and improve combustion and performance. Subject to some or all of these being done and with the usual caveat of 'subject to availability', the loco should take part in the GWR's annual Christmas Cracker mixed traction event on the 28th and 29th December, which will see three diesel and 2 steam locos in action on each day.

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