Milestone for the Group as 215 enters the new shed

Just before 17:00 on Saturday 31st March, 37215 made a little bit of history when it became the first locomotive to enter Toddington's new diesel shed following completion of tracklaying into the new facility during the afternoon, thanks to the GWR's permanent way department. The loco was available to test the new trackwork as a result of undergoing 'de-winterisation', 'warm up' and testing for the season's programme of driver experience trains on the GWR's northern section. Following the successful test, 215 was shut down and berthed in its new home.
37215 gently rolls to a halt at the end of the new diesel shed and becomes the shed's first resident following a successful test of the newly installed trackwork.
37215 enters its new home for the first time...(Saturday 31st March 2012).

Once the track has settled, the locos will be removed temporarily and concreting of the floor to form a smooth working surface will commence. Follow progress of the shed in pictures together with more photos of today here

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