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The Growler Group was formed in 1986 and are the proud owners of English Electric Type 3, ex-British Rail Class 37 diesel-electric locomotive, 37215 (D6915) and custodians of privately owned 37248 (D6948). Both locomotives are based at Toddington on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway. 37248 was, from 2005 until 2009, on hire to West Coast Railway Company Limited at Carnforth from where it operated all over the national network in the UK. 37215 was repainted in 2007 to a very high standard in British Rail blue livery as worn by the class during the 1970s and early 1980s, whilst 37248 for now, carries the maroon livery of the West Coast Railway Company. Following overhaul, it will be restored to original 'as built' 1964 condition in green livery. (See 'Project D6948'). The locomotives were part of a class of mixed traffic locos introduced between 1960 and 1965 eventually totalling 309 in number, a small number of which are still at work for various companies on Network Rail today. Each loco is fitted with a single 1,750hp (1,305kW) diesel engine, which was classed as Type 3 under the original British Railways power classification. In the early 1970’s they were reclassified Class 37 under British Rail’s computer-based TOPS classification system. 37215 was bought from BR in 1994 and, after four long years of hard work by a small band of dedicated volunteers, was returned to service on the GWR in 1998. 37248 was purchased by four Growler Group committee members in 2004 under the banner 'Type Three Traction' and was restored to operational condition by the West Coast Railway Company Limited at their Carnforth base as part of a loan agreement which expired in 2009. On our website you can find out about the history of our locomotives, learn about what is currently happening to them at Toddington, their planned workings on the GWR, view the photographic gallery, download membership forms for the Group, take a browse through our on line shop and lots more.

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