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Winter update

With the 2019 running season now over, both D6948 and 37215 are now 'stored' along with the rest of the GWR diesel fleet pending the start of services in March. This is the time for winter maintenance and both locomotives will have a comprehensive 'B' exam before being signed off as fit to run on the GWR system in accordance with the GWR's Safety Management System when they emerge from winter hibernation. Initial examination over the pit has thrown up some issues as both locomotives' traction motor sets have started to show evidence of wear and tear.

37215 has shown much more wear and tear (not a surprise considering it was last given a heavy overhaul some time ago) and the decision has been made to keep the locomotive out of traffic until a convenient time can be arranged for the loco to be lifted and a refurbishment of some of the older bogie components, traction motors and air systems can take place and hence the loco will not be available for the first part of 2019. D6948 has also shown some evidence of minor issues with a traction motor, but nothing that requires the loco to be withdrawn from service. D6948 will instead take

Loco roster updated

The loco roster for D6948 and 37215 has been updated to include all the planned workings for the locos in July (see the Roster menu option for details).